Burns Night 2021

We invite you, dear traveler, to join us for a spell

And celebrate, with Scotch and toasts, the stories we will tell

Of Robert Frost, and us, and others, whose poetry we admire

For on the eve of ol' Burns natal day,

We gather friends by the homely fire.


"But wait!" Ye cry, "The Plague is here,

And surely we dare not meet?"

Kind traveler, comes our reply, have no fear

For we the fire we gather round, from to and fro,

Is virtual! Interested? Email hello@galaxybrain.co.


"I'm interested," the timid reply escapes from twixt your lips

"What need I do or be or bring?" is a the next question ye emit.

Be just yourself, and bring a poem, and a lovely draught to drink

Yes, the poem is required, but the drink is whatever you think

Will honor dear 'ol Rabbie Burns, his memory in your eye.

We'll be having Scotch, o'course, but you can be wet or dry.

"What time, what time?" Ye wail, your interest fully peaked?

"Well, his day's the 25th this year, but to start the week

That way would do us poorly, and not honor him at all,

So we'll be meeting on the 22nd, and let the weekend catch our fall.


Join us friends, with verse and cup, where'er you may be,

And we shall have the Best Burns Night this year is like to see.

The Bottom Line