Editor’s Note: Adult Juice Box Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of Adult Juice Box. This zine exists because I think wine can be a magical experience, and I want to share that magic with others.

Adult Juice Box is a reminder that, above all, the only “should” in wine is that you should drink what you like, and try to squeeze as much experience as possible out of every bottle. Sometimes that’s analyzing every nuance in a tasting, and sometimes that’s quaffing a bottle with friends. A glass of wine (or beer, or spirit) is a glass of memories, memories held by the juice in the bottle and the moment in time you’re drinking it.

Like the juice boxes given to us as children, each glass of wine can be moment of joy or a balm to our pain.

Grab your favorite adult juice, strap on your sense of childlike wonder, and let’s go tasting.